Hands On Business Consulting

Local legal services

  • General and specific consulting in local legislation
  • Incorporation and company setup
  • Contract drafting and reviews
  • Negotiation support
  • Exit, termination and disputes

Local vendors and  service providers

  • Rules and regulations
  • High quality network of local vendors and service provider
  • Screening, QA and sourcing of local vendors and service provider
  • Contracting and negotiation support
  • SRM

Importation and customs agent:

  • Consulting in local customs legislation
  • Define customs regime e.g. definite import, temporary admission, re-exports, special customs regimes; drawback ; Repetro (Brazil); bonded imports.
  • Duly registration with required authorities
  • Obtain and register import license
  • Regularization of imports
  • Transfer to other customs regimes
  • Custom Agents, administrative processes and documentation to customs
  • Importation of ; FPSO, FSO , Supply vessels AHTS, Work boats, Seismic vessels, Offshore drilling rigs, Special carriers, barges, pipe laying vessels, heavy lift and crane barges, Installation vessels, Project carriers, tramp vessels, process modules, equipment packages, and other industrial tangibles.
  • Moving the Vessel to different Customs units
  • Importing material during "in transit" regime

Company and project tax structure

  • Consulting in local tax legislation, finance and accounting.
  • Plan, implement and secure optimal tax structure for execution of tangibles and services transactions to, from and within Mexico and Brazil

Marine clearance

  • Consulting in maritime legislation
  • Ship agency
  • Port agencies / Port authorities
  • Duly registration with required authorities; Port Captain; Navy ; Air force; ANTAQ (Brazil); Marina Mercante (Mexico); Health Authorities       
  • Entrance and clearance by required authorities
  • Port call operations; procedures; port logistics, offloading - prior, during and after clearance.

Visa and work permit

  • Consulting in local immigration legislation
  • Duly registration with required authorities
  • Immigration formalities, process and documentation and other requirements.
  • Obtain and register Visas  and /or work permits; for business, technical crew, residential, marine/seaman
  • Visa transformation; extensions, foreigner regularization processes, naturalization, definitive residence permits .
  • Process, transfer formalities and documentation for on/off signing seamen

Crew attendance and husbandry services

  • Crew attendance at airports/ports
  • Domestic transport/transfer
  • Hotel and flight bookings
  • Car and driver
  • Office support